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English name: Monosodium-5- sulfoisophthalate,
5-sulfoisophthalic acid monosodium salt, sodium 5-sulfoisophthalate
Formula: C8H507Sna
Molecular weight: 268.18
CAS No.:6362-79-4



white powder





acid value








Through rate


1 As the Third Monomer of Polyester and nylon dying modifier, it can improve chromaticity and light resistance of polyester and nylon fibers.
2 As the Third Monomer of polyester and nylon water-soluble modifier, it is used to produce superfine polyester and nylon fibber, such as island fiber, etc.
3 As polyester water-soluble modifying intermediates, it can be used to produce water-soluble polyester printing and dying slurry to replace PVA slurry.
4 As polyurethane and polyester water-soluble modifying intermediates, it can be used to produce no-amine water-soluble polyurethane and polyester coating.
5 Using in preparation of PU (Polyurethane) Dispersed liquid, and using in the coating film industry to make coating with excellent hardness and high gloss,
6 It can be used as polyester resin monomer of synthetic food packaging adhesive, this has obtained approval of FDA
7 It can be used in tape binder and ink.
8 It can be used as intermediates and modifying agents of pharmaceutical and pesticide.

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