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        NN dipped canvas NN80-NN500..
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Other names include Sodium-5-Sulfoisophthalic Acid Dimethyl Ester and Third Monomer.

Abbreviation: SIPM. Yield: 4000 tons (yearly), with products meeting DuPont's quality standards.

Formula: C10H907SNa

Molecular Weight: 296.23


Uses: The product is a white powder , soluble in water and alcohol. As the most used dyeing property modifier of polyesters, it is mainly used to improve the dyeing properties of polyesters, but can also be used as the intermediate in the synthesis of organic agents, large molecules and find chemicals.



High Quality

First Grade


white powder without visible impurities

Acid Value (mgKOH/g)



Saponification Value (mgKOH/g)

378± 2


Sulfate ion (ppm)



Water ( wt% )



Ferrum (ppm)



Absorbance (ABS)



Chloride ion (ppm)



Package: Complex package with inner brown paper, 25 kg/ pack and 500 kg/ pack, or can be packaged upon request.

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